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Resene paint gets even greener, 27°

A Resene project in New Zealand

Updated in May 2010

Resene’s latest ceiling paint has provided another two steps forward in sustainability for the New Zealand based paint manufacturer. The formulation of the Environmental Choice approved Earthsense ceiling paint includes a special renewable extender pigment. This means a fifth of the volume of the final product comes from renewable ...

Premium project about Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Architecture, Clean Technologies, Design, Industry & Business, Smart Growth

"Heat", 17°

Wellington, New Zealand

Updated in July 2008

We are producing a theatre piece, what becomes a triangle between a physicist studying climate change, his wife (a biologist), and an Emperor penguin during one Antarctic autumn, winter and spring. We are aiming to do this in a production run as far as possible completely off-grid. Echoing the real ...

Project about Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Energy Saving, Events


A The Stone Paper Company project in New Zealand

Updated in August 2012

A new class of Rockstock rich minewral paper will be introduced over the existing range Now known as "S-Class" ("S" Stands for sustainable) R-Class ("R" stands for recycled) is a full range that appears and feels almost identical to S-Class but is made from recycled stone paper. As the recycling ...

Project about Air Quality, Clean Tech, Clean Technologies, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Green Wall, greenhouse gas, Innovation, Pollution, Rainforest, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Sustainability, waste

100% Possible Clean Energy Advocates Network, 15°

A WWF New Zealand project in Nation wide, New Zealand

Updated in February 2012

Join us to shape a clean green future for New Zealand. New Zealand could be a powerhouse of clean energy but we need to make some changes in order to shape the future we want. You - as citizens, as consumers, as voters – have the power to demand change. That’s ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Aviation, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Tech, Clean Technologies, Climate Change, Coal & Oil, Design, Education, Energy Saving, ETS, Fuel, Geothermal, Green energy, greenhouse gas, Industry & Business, Innovation, mining, Politics & Government, Pollution, Smart Growth, Solar, Technology, Transport, Wave Energy, Wind Energy

11th Australasian Permaculture Convergence, 20°

An Australasian Permaculture Convergence 11 project in Turangi, New Zealand

Updated in December 2011

Permaculture Aotearoa welcomes you to: Resilience by Design Wed 11th to Sun 15th April 2012 Turangi, Central North Island, New Zealand First time in New Zealand for the Australasian Convergence. We are planning an awesome event- don't miss it! Experienced practitioners, Inspiring speakers, Practical ideas, Excellent networking, Whole systems ...

Project about Architecture, Art & Culture, Design, Farming, Food, Green Roof, Organic, Permaculture, Politics & Government, Sustainability, Technology, Transition Towns

3M, 36°

An Inzide Commercial Ltd project in New Zealand

Updated in April 2010

3M’s tradition of innovation is legendary. So when it was time to move premises, 3M ensured the new environment encouraged creativity and sustainability. It chose to create a NZGBC Greenstar building adopting innovative building and interior materials. InterfaceNZ carpet tiles were chosen as the flooring, providing an innovative modular ...

Premium project about Architecture, Clean Technologies, Design, Industry & Business, Smart Growth

Appalachian Offsets, 25°

New Zealand

Updated in June 2008

Appalachian Offsets is a voluntary Carbon Offset program to combat global climate change through local renewable energy and efficiency projects in Western North Carolina. We encourage people to first reduce the amount of greenhouse gas they produce but this is an opportunity to reduce their impact by supporting projects that ...

Project about Agriculture & Food, Climate Change, Education

Art in the Dark, 40°

Ponsonby and Grey Lynn, Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in June 2010

Art in the Dark is a nighttime event in Ponsonby's Western Park, set to début in October 2010. Art in the Dark aspires to be as environmentally friendly and interactive as possible. Illuminated by installations, projected short films, and performances around a purpose-built pavilion, the park will transform into ...

Project about Architecture, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Clean Technologies, Design, Events, Green energy, Lifestyle & Behavior, Organic

Better business; Better World (B3W), 36°

A Colmar Brunton project in New Zealand

Updated in April 2010

B3W is Colmar Brunton’s investigation into all things sustainable from the consumers’ point of view. It came about when we recognised that there was an almost total lack of metrics related to New Zealander’s attitudes toward sustainability in comparison to the US, UK and the rest of the ...

Premium project about Consumerism

Bike-powered music events, 16°

A Marchfest project in Nelson, New Zealand

Updated in March 2010

To use Marchfest (see as a pilot project to create New Zealand's first bicycle-powered musical event. To retain the bike-generators for future events. To pass on the knowledge gained to other event organisers.

Project about Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Children and Families, Clean Technologies, Events

Bizzone™ Expo goes carbon neutral with carboNZero, 31°

New Zealand

Updated in August 2009

Organised by Sarah Trotman Ltd, the Bizzone™ Business Expo, held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, is the largest business to business marketplace held for business owners and influencers, attracting over 13,000 attendees and more than 400 quality exhibitors. As part of their overall journey towards a sustainable business model ...

Project about Carbon Trading, Events

Build an electric car, 85°

New Zealand

Updated in August 2009

Introducing MegaCity, BMW's new electric vehicle. The BMW group will soon to announce more details of a fully-electric, ‘zero-emission’ production car, having now partnered with SB LiMotive as the supplier of state-of-the-art lithium-ion storage technology. BMW Group is currently field-testing a fully-electric car, the MINI E, in the US ...

Project about Air Quality, Clean Technologies, Design, Electric vehicles, Emissions, Pollution, Transport, Travel

Campaign For Durable Goods, 10°

New Zealand

Updated in April 2010

For so long we've been told that allowing business to have its way with the environment will benefit us in the long run with cheaper/ better/ higher standard of living....all we got was cheap stuff that breaks. With out last few drops of high grade liquid fuel I ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism

Car-free year, 40°

Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in June 2012

Commit to a year without driving a car in relation to your work. Walk, ride a cycle, catch a bus, take a train, get a taxi, or share a ride in someone else's car. But don't drive a car! Watch your professional carbon footprint, business and social costs ...

Project about Corporate Citizenship, Emissions, Industry & Business, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Transport, Travel

Carbon Neutral (or Reduction) Supermarket Sections, 138°

(a good idea here, is a good idea anywhere), New Zealand

Updated in November 2009

We have been trying to drum up support for the concept of carbon neutral supermarket sections. This would then give organisations a market imperative to measure, offset and reduce their carbon emissions. It is part of a bigger picture of in regards to a concept of carbon accounting that we ...

Project about Agriculture & Food, Carbon Trading, Climate Change, Consumerism, Emissions, Food, Lifestyle & Behavior

Carpool King, 10°

New Zealand

Updated in March 2009

Carpool King is a global social carpooling network to connect drivers and passengers and it's free!

Project about Emissions, Energy Saving, Transport, Travel

Carpool New Zealand, 15°

Nationwide, New Zealand

Updated in August 2008

The Carpool NZ website has been around for around four years. It is a simple system designed to help people connect in order to share rides.

Project about Transport

Community Reefs, 103°

Opotiki, New Zealand

Updated in June 2013

The green benefits of forming fish growing reefs close to boat launching areas are many: Fishermen use significantly less petrol getting to where fish are. Simpler near shore fishing boats can be used. The fishing is action packed, fun and produces a greater diversity of species. Smaller catches can be ...

Project about Agriculture & Food, biological farming, Business & Biodiversity, Carbon Sequestration, Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Saving, Environment & Wildlife, Food, Health, Ocean, Organic, Poverty & Development, Science, Sustainability, Tourism, Transition Towns, Water

Corporate and B2B empty printer consumables collection and fund raising program., 21°

An Inkworks project in Nationwide, New Zealand

Updated in September 2010

Inkworks is actively running a collection program for used printer cartridges from businesses to help reduce the waste going to landfills and to provide businesses with a professional disposal system for their empty and unused cartridges. Inkworks is one of the few companies that pays for usable printer cartridge empties ...

Project about Accreditation, Branding, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Lifestyle & Behavior, Pollution, Population, Recycling, Sustainability

Council for Socially Responsible Investment, 25°

Nation wide, New Zealand

Updated in June 2008

A charitable trust with the purpose of educating and advocating for socially responsible and environmentally sustainable investment. We have been going since 2003.

Project about Education, Environment & Wildlife

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