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A HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited project in All over NZ, New Zealand

Updated in June 2012

HOLLAND SOLUTIONS Limited is the LED lighting supplier for ECOsystems Ltd (energy efficiency Company) working together on PAK'nSAVE & New World Supermarket projects to reduce electricity consumption in FOODSTUFF's supermarkets. HSL a NZ Company specialising in Commercial & Horticultural LED Lighting solutions and applications. Please feel free to contact us ...

Project about Retail

More sustainable packaging, 10°

A Poynter Agencies Ltd project in Kumeu, New Zealand

Updated in September 2011

Big business generally continues to be driven by "bottom line" considerations at the expense of more environmentally sustainable alternatives that are available today. We continue to hear the pleas of prominent learned and sincerely concerned people around the world, that NOW is the time to act, and that we are ...

Project about Branding, Clean Tech, Climate Change, Corporate Social Responsibility, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, greenhouse gas, Industry & Business, Infrastructure, Innovation, Lifestyle & Behavior, marketing, Ocean, Pollution, Recycling, Retail, Rivers, Lakes, and Oceans, Sustainability, Weather

Rubbish Free, 21°

Auckland, New Zealand

Updated in July 2010

During 2008, we challenged ourselves to live without creating landfill waste from our home in Christchurch, New Zealand. By the end of our Rubbish Free Year we had collected just 2kg of landfill waste, compared to the 1.5 tons the average couple throws away in NZ. Eighteen months later ...

Project about Education, Lifestyle & Behavior, Pollution, Recycling, Retail

Ethical Investment Trust, 20°

Christchurch, New Zealand

Updated in June 2010

How a little investment can bring big change. Over the past five years Trade Aid has been growing fast! We have been extending fair trade to thousands of artisans, farmers and their families every year. But all this growth requires finance. You can play a vital role in supporting this ...

Project about Consumerism, Finance & Money, Food, Industry & Business, Organic, Retail

Next Generation Coffee fund, 20°

Christchurch, New Zealand

Updated in June 2010

Supporting sustainable livelihoods for coffee-growing families , All around the world, millions of small-scale coffee farmers are losing income as their harvests decrease in size from year to year. Their trees are getting old, and the amount of coffee they are able to produce from their aging trees is in decline ...

Project about Action, Protest, & Activism, Consumerism, Finance & Money, Food, Retail

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