Resene paint gets even greener, 27°


In May 2010
New Zealand
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The Stone Paper Company Ltd , 6 years ago

To enhance their environmental and sustainable effort Resene may like to consider using Rockstock Label paper ( with water based adhesive) or Rockstock RPD for their labelling, in-mould labelling, and promotional material as Rockstock Rich mineral paper will recycle with No 2 plastics (PE) as calcium carbonate is used as a filler in plastics. Rockstock RPD is composed of 81% calcium Carbonate and a small amout of PE.

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About This Project 

This is a Resene project

Resene’s latest ceiling paint has provided another two steps forward in sustainability for the New Zealand based paint manufacturer.

The formulation of the Environmental Choice approved Earthsense ceiling paint includes a special renewable extender pigment. This means a fifth of the volume of the final product comes from renewable raw materials – and about two thirds once water has been added.

And in what the company is claiming as a national first, the pail the paint comes in is made from 100% post industrial HDPE injection material.

This company says this ‘closes the loop’ as it uses the original material of the pail, as well as waste material from other plastics manufacture, back into another paint pail

The waste plastic is reprocessed offsite before being returned to VIP Packaging to be made into new pails.

The company is now further developing this process so that in coming years it will include additional post-consumer High-density polyethylene injection (HDPE) material. They are also seeking to expand the use of the recycled pails, first into the full range of Resene Environmental Choice approved paints and then to the whole Resene range.