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About This Project 

Commit to a year without driving a car in relation to your work.

Walk, ride a cycle, catch a bus, take a train, get a taxi, or share a ride in someone else's car. But don't drive a car!

Watch your professional carbon footprint, business and social costs shrink like dead balloons. Experience your health and fitness growing dramatically. Learn deeper business management and growth skills. Make a difference in and through your business.

Most importantly, share your experiences, learnings and successes with others!

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2 Project Updates 

Not driving: business success and a failed experiment in June 2012 by Stephen McKernon

You can find my final 'reporting' blog on the project here


Reporting on my car-free year in June 2012 by Stephen McKernon

My car-free year ran from November 2010 to end of January 2012.

As a result, I managed to reduce my carbon emissions to under a third from 2009 to then end of the 2012 financial year.

I also managed to 'nearly' (within a few $$) remove social costs from my business. A little bit more cycling and walking, and my business would have started generating social benefits.

Email me if you're interested in the details and want to know more.