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AJ Park , 51°

A J Park is New Zealand’s leading intellectual property firm. With about 220 staff in our Auckland and Wellington offices, we are also New Zealand’s largest. Established in 1891, we have a proven track record working with New Zealand’s most innovative organisations. We advise on all aspects of intellectual property. ...

Company in Advertising and regulatory advice, Anti-counterfeiting, Architecture, Art & Culture, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Branding, Carbon Trading, Clean Technologies, Copyright, Design, Design, Energy Saving, Franchising, Genetic Modification, Green energy, Industry & Business, Intellectual Property, Law, Licensing, Litigation, marketing, Media, Patents, Renewals, Science, Solar, Trade Marks

Customer Survey Service | Customer Radar, 15°

Giving your customers what they want should be the number 1 priority for every business. Most companies do not have an effective channel for their customers to provide feedback. By making it easy and fast for customers to provide feedback they will tell you what they like and what they ...

Company in Advertising and regulatory advice

finda Drive, 15°

Not to be a downer, but being a good passenger involves more than just getting in the car and staring out the window. At their worst, passengers can distract or annoy the driver, or even cause damage to the car. While young children have a free pass, if you’re old ...

Company in Advertising and regulatory advice

Biochemsoft GmbH | Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibilty, 11°

Competitive Advantage and Corporate Social Responsibilty sourcing | corporate responsibility | communication live supplier monitoring We are an independent full service provider, experienced in Sourcing, Procurement, Supply Chain Management and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) / Social Management. We are dedicated to sourcing/procurement including all Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ...

Company in Advertising, Advertising and regulatory advice, Biofuels & Alternative Energy, Branding, Chemicals, Coal & Oil, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Design, Design, Economics, Energy Saving, ETS, Finance & Money, Geothermal, Green energy, hydro energy, Industry & Business, Infrastructure, Innovation, Law, marketing, mining, Politics & Government, Recycling, Solar, Sustainability, Technology, Transparency, Transport, waste, Water, Wind Energy

Green Tick Certification Limited, 11°

Independent sustainability certification, based on a life cycle assessment of corporates, products, sites and services. Certifications include: Green Tick Sustainable Green Tick Carbon Neutral Green Tick Carbon Negative Green Tick Natural Green Tick GE-FREE Green Tick Organic Green Tick Fair Trader

Company in Accreditation, Advertising and regulatory advice, awards, Branding, Business & Biodiversity, carbon certification, Carbon Trading, Clean Tech, Clean Technologies, Corporate Social Responsibility, Innovation, Science, Sustainability

Magnate SEO, 10°

<a href="">Affordable SEO Services</a> designed to drive targeted traffic to your website and bolster Search engine visibility. Using proven and trending white-hat search engine optimization techniques our <a href="">SEO NZ</a> Company enable your Business to found online and dramatically improve your Organic page ranking in Google Search results. Phone (09) ...

Company in Advertising and regulatory advice, Branding, Industry & Business, marketing, Technology

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