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Report says New Zealand will warm 4 degrees

A new report from the Ministry for Primary Industries called Four Degrees of Global Warming gives some conclusions as to what New Zealand could look like in a world where the climate has begun to change significantly. The report states that the weather will become more extreme in New Zealand ... keep reading

Written by Daniel F Benson-Guiu in December 2013, about Agriculture & Food, Climate Change, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Forestry, Industry & Business (3 comments)

New Danger for Australian World Heritage Wilderness

Australia’s new government plans to axe not only the carbon price, but also iconic, World Heritage-listed, Tasmanian forests. Opening these forests for logging would break international law, and that would damage Australia’s reputation, demand for forestry products, and Tasmania’s clean, green brand upon which other industries rely ... keep reading

Written by Tom Baxter/ The Conversation in September 2013, about Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Forestry, Politics & Government

Transitioning Surfdale to a Food Forest

Making the transition look easy -Surfdale Orchard on Waiheke Island starts the transition to a food forest keep reading

Written by Celsias in September 2013, about biological farming, Children and Families, Food, Forestry

European Forests are Reaching a Carbon Saturation Point

  As forests begin to thin and countries continue to pour emissions into their atmosphere, the delicate natural cycle that allows trees to soak in atmospheric CO2 is continually disrupted.  The natural worlds inability to return to a balanced state in the carbon cycle can partially be attributed to the natural ... keep reading

Written by Joshua Thaisen in August 2013, about Carbon Sequestration, Climate Change, Emissions, Forestry

Ecuador to begin Drilling Amazon Oil Field

Protests have erupted in the Ecuadorian city of Quito, as President Rafael Correa announces that his country will abandon conservation plans in the Yasuni National Park located in the Amazon Rainforest. President Rafael Correa’s announcement to begin drilling for oil was immediately met by resistance by the Ecuadorian people ... keep reading

Written by Joshua Thaisen in August 2013, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Coal & Oil, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Environment & Wildlife, Forestry, Politics & Government

WWF Calls for Zero Burn Laws As Smog Engulfs Malaysia and Singapore

As Singapore and Malaysia struggle with major smog pollution and public health crises from illegal fires in Indonesia,  WWF has renewed calls for zero-burn policies to be enacted and enforced. Satellite hotspot analysis showed the single jurisdiction of Riau Province, Sumatra as the location of over 88% per cent of ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in July 2013, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Children and Families, Emissions, Environment & Wildlife, Environmental Disasters, Forestry, Palm Oil, Rainforest

Yum Brands Gets Real on Packaging

A long campaign by environmental activists has helped Yum! Brands change its sourcing policy for its packaging. Yum! Brands  owns Taco Bell, KFC, and Pizza Hut, and it says that it will now not use paper and cardboard that has been sourced via the destruction of tropical rainforests. It also ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in April 2013, about Action, Protest, & Activism, Food, Forestry, Industry & Business, waste (2 comments)

Bringing Food Forest Andy to Auckland

" This is a campaign on pledgeme right now  For the last four years Andy Cambeis has been working to create Food Forest systems and last year as part of his Degree through the Centre for Sustainable Practice (Otago Polytechnic) he not only established a public food ... keep reading

Written by James Samuel in March 2013, about Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Finance & Money, Food, Forestry (1 comment)

Soar Printing Champions Plight of Dying Kauri

    Printing firm SOAR has joined the campaign to “save our kauri forests” and become sponsors of the Kauri Dieback Management Programme.   Jenny Carter, Director of SOAR says, “We’re an Auckland family-run business, which is passionate about supporting our community.  We’ve seen first-hand the terrible effects of kauri dieback ... keep reading

Written by Celsias in February 2013, about Conservation, Corporate Citizenship, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment & Wildlife, Forestry

Biodiversity and Forestry Advantage for Green Growth

keep reading

Written by Pure Advantage Infographics in November 2012, about Economics, Emissions, Forestry (2 comments)

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