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Vegetative Architecture

Joshua Kogan has a conversation with Urbanarbolismo's Spain Jordi Serramia Ruiz regarding his work with plant-based methods of sustainable design   What is urbanarbolismo?  What's your philosophy?   We are an architectural firm specializing in the integration of vegetation and architecture.  We work where vegetation can be instrumentalized to save ... keep reading

Written by Joshua Kogan in September 2012, about Architecture, Design, Earth, Soil, & Landscape, Green Spaces, Green Wall, Innovation (1 comment)

Green Building

   A few years ago I was doing research on green buildings and I was pleased to meet Gavin Cherrie who was building one – FIL New Zealand’s office and plant in Mount Maunganui.It was a chance for me to see the process first hand, ask about the challenges and ... keep reading

Written by Gord Stewart in June 2012, about Alternative, Cohousing, & Off-Grid Living, Architecture, Design, Green Roof, Green Wall, Sustainability, Technology

New Zealand’s largest green wall comes to life

They've been a few months in the making, or should we say growing, but they're now out there for everyone to see, and actually, you’d have a hard time missing them. These green walls were recently installed in the atrium of the new Britomart East Complex in ... keep reading

Written by Design Daily Team in May 2011, about Architecture, Design, Green Wall (2 comments)

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