NZ Takes Colossal Fossil Award for Worst Performance on Climate Change

By Celsias


Posted on Dec. 9, 2012. Listed in:


With the 18th annual UN Climate Change Conference drawing to a close , New Zealand has just been ranked worst-equal of the 194 countries participating. 

doha The accolade is given by the civil society at the UN conferences, a developing tradition that carries some informal weight in political circles around the world.

 Here's the Fossil Award text:

"After a 5 year reign as the Colossal Fossil, it seems Canada is refusing to bow out gracefully into the irrelevance that comes with being an historic climate laggard. They, instead, stood strong for inaction throughout these talks, challenged only by the up-and-coming New Zealand. 

For a country whose emissions are similar in scale to the Canadian tar sands, New100% pure brand Zealand has demonstrated exceptional blindness to scientific and political realities. Surprising many and disappointing all, New Zealand has fought hard to unseat 5-time Colossal Fossil winner, Canada, in a campaign of extreme selfishness and irresponsibility. 

While New Zealand may have helped drown the talks for another year, New Zealand's small and vulnerable Pacific neighbours should take heart that they have not been forgotten - New Zealand intends to drown them too."

This achievement has not been easy.  But it has been made possible by a combination of NZ Government policies:

-          a low and conditional target in emission cuts in 2020;tim groser

-          a continuing refusal to enter a quantified emission budget for 2013-20;

-          rejection of a legal obligation to cut emissions under a 2nd commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol;

-          an impudent demand to have full access to the Kyoto flexible mechanism and full carry-over of our 1st period surplus, despite such a rejection;

-          the final  gutting of our domestic ETS, described by Mr Groser as a Rolls Royce model ready to be revved up at any time; and

-          showing an uncharacteristic disregard to the pleas of the small island states for us to reverse our decision and join Kyoto 2 as Australia has done.


Kennedy Graham , currently in Doha said “I congratulate Mr Key and his lieutenant, Mr Groser, for their remarkable resolve in persevering against all reason and logic in the face of the climate science, to win this award.  With this symbol of our commitment to destroying the planet in the course of this century, they have set back New Zealand diplomacy more than any other action for many decades. 

“In answer to a parliamentary question from me ten days ago, Mr Groser laughed off the fossil awards as if it were a badge of honour.   In doing so, he shows a contempt for civil society and a lack of knowledge and understanding of global politics in the modern world.”


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Love it how the blame is on the government where its actually the people who are failing. Where the great systems being invented and entrepreneurs with the systems to sell that are cost effective and viable. The industry is still so new thatmost people are not even aware of what can be done to help the environment can also potentially save a ton of cash.
Don't necessarily mean that because we rank bad its the governments fault who have tried to stave off increased taxes in this area that can be damaging in the fragile economy.

Written in December 2012


What nonsense, Keir. Of course it is the NZ government that is to blame and that is responsible for systematically pushing policies at the expense of the environment - you don't need to go much further than the TPPA agreements talks that are shamefully kept secret from NZ public to understand what's wrong with the actual government!

Written in December 2012


Keir, I don't see where the NZ public has gotten its say on this. We have a minority government which routinely goes against the expressed sentiments of a large majority of the population (asset sales, anyone?) and their idiotic stance on climate change is par for the course. They still plan to drill, mine and irrigate their way out of recession. Taxation is a red herring: we're paying interest on the billions that Key borrowed to give tax breaks to the wealthy while raising GST, which hits low income households the hardest.

Written in December 2012

lovely loretta

AND they are still planning to spend billions on 'Motorways of Madness' encouraging the use of vehicle and fossil fuels and of course in turn more greenhouse gases and climate change, if that amount of money was put into public transport and the use of trains and boats for freight etc we could improve our carbon footprint and our economy in one action !

Written in December 2012


Keir, your argument reads like the playbook from the minority right wing Republicans in the US and we all know how far from the real world they live in. Yes, we should abandon all responsibility of maintaining our fresh water, air and soil for the sake of a 'weak' economy. Maybe what we call an economy needs fixing and what we call normal needs adjustment. The economy as we know it is over - some people, however, still can't believe that the world is not flat.

Even if we did allow the rush to extract every last resource from the earth, rock and ocean, you can bet, that no Kiwi will ever see any significant benefit from it. I'm afraid that New Zealand simply remains as a colony from which to extract wealth for others. It just happens to be a convenient English speaking 3rd world country with laws already in place to allow the elite to rape the wealth.

Written in December 2012


Damn right you are Keir! Phil may I say that even I with limited experience can safely say that you are a total idiot
Beyond that. You are incomprehensibly stupid. Learn your facts and stop believing all the propaganda bullshit put out by the Labour, mana and green parties, because they are all whingy so and so's who contribute nothing to our country. John Key has done more than you can imagine and he does more for the poor of NZ than you will ever do. I for one think he should be tougher of the leeching beneficiaries who don't deserve their benefits. Not all, but the proportion who abuse the system. To quote a wise man, "piss off back to the commune hippy"

Written in December 2012


Man and his greed ...

Written in January 2014

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