Mining - big demo says no

Auckland mining protestIn case you fled all media contact for the weekend and were not within shouting distance of Auckland, the Don't Undermine New Zealand March was on Saturday.

As usual the organizers are claiming something like the entire population of the planet showed up (Greenpeace claim 50,000) and the police say it was just a mad old lady with a dog in a basket (reportedly, they estimated 20,000). 

The truth seems to be there was a lot of folk, and not just people with circus skills. 

Meanwhile, Victoria University economist Cath Wallace has alleged that Gerry Brownlee has his sums wrong, and is painting a more glittering picture of the gold in them thar hills than is the reality. 

Ms Wallace says the cost and returns from extracting the minerals should be compared with the in-perpetuity annual returns from conservation, tourism and recreation and all other non-market values.

The government has already extended the deadline for submissions and now appears to be only too aware of the contentiousness of the issue. 

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