The Fracking Truth

By Celsias


Posted on April 24, 2012. Listed in:


Just in case you were wondering what others , elsewhere in the world , were making of this fracking , here's Robert Newman , writing in The Guardian , under the title "This is the Fracking Truth "  

fracking"Just when we're told drought has become endemic in the UK, the Department of Energy and Climate Change has given the go-ahead   for a process that will desiccate us more than any we've tried before on these islands: hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

High-volume fracking   needs between 1.6m and 2.5m gallons (between seven and 11m litres) of water for a single well. All that water is smashing rock. All those millions of litres are giving the shale rock a BTEX injection; BTEX is benzene  toluene  ethylbenzene   and xylene  .fracking

If a political cell were to threaten to poison our drinking water by setting off depth charges near subterranean faultlines, and then further threatened to pump in radioactive isotopes, should such a cell be asked to help compile the government report into their activities? It is indeed a bizarre report that the Department of Energy and Climate Change has put out, a bit like an inquiry into Syria focusing on the effect of the pollen count on the dictatorship."


And goes on to say 

"The words of the US governments's Environmental Protection Agency should chill every British bone to the marrow when they say that ground water contaminated by fracking is "typically too expensive to remediate or restore".

In the EU France has banned in, and so has Bulgaria.Around the world the damage to precious water is being realised, the waste of water, and the crazy practice of pouring chemicals into the very ground from which we need to eat is being questioned. In some parts of the world linkages with earthquakes have been shown, but one would have thought that the waste of water, the pollution of water, the sickness of people and animals  near the chemicals and the wanton pollution of the ground seem enough to put a stop to this new lunacy of the oil companies. 


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Yeah but it can make the richest people in the world even more money!!! It doesn't matter that they most likely don't even live in our country. Surely we can over look a few little side effects such as these...

lol! What a fracking joke!

Written in April 2012

Terry Goodall

Todd is spot on! Except of course that this frackin process is the answer to our future energy needs - oh wait, what was the question again?

Written in April 2012

air max

Written in April 2012

Rob Love

Look, I simply don't know what all the fuss is about. Gerry will look into it and I am sure he will make sure we do the right thing here. I mean he has all that experience with CHCH under his belt now.

Written in April 2012

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