Earthquake Airbags Levitate Houses to Safety

By Emma Hutchings/ PSFK


Posted on March 5, 2012. Listed in:

Earthquake Airbags Levitate Houses To Safety

In the wake of recent devastating earthquakes and tsunamis, a Japanese company has reconceptualized home design for danger zones. They have developed a levitation system with airbags that are triggered by seismic activity, which lift homes up to protect them from damage.

Earthquake Airbags Levitate Houses To Safety

Spoon & Tamago reports that the technology from Air Danshin Systems involves installing a set of mechanisms around the building and a sensor that responds within one second of an earthquake. This activates a compressor, forcing air under the house and pushing it up to 3cm from the shaking foundation. A valve controls the air and keeps the building steady as it levitates, before it slowly lowers back onto the reinforced concrete.

Earthquake Airbags Levitate Houses To Safety

This system is said to be 1/3 cheaper than other earthquake-proofing technologies and it requires little maintenance. It is currently being installed in 88 homes across Japan and the company hopes to install it in larger structures like government buildings and office blocks.

Air Danshin

Photo by U.S. Navy

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And what happens when the power goes out, as it immediately does during an earthquake? or if the foundation cracks? Stupid ideas!

Written in March 2012

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compressed air bottles and a battery backed up control system.

Written in March 2012


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