China to be home to world’s largest eco city

By Jenny Marusiak

Posted on June 2, 2011. Listed in:

Plans for the world’s largest eco city were recently unveiled by none other than former Australian Prime Minister John Howard at the China Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting. But while the city is said to feature cutting edge technology in areas like energy and wired infrastructure, not everyone is buying into it. As Jenny Marusiak from Eco-Business explains, some would prefer the money went to making existing cities more sustainable. 

Located in Langfang in the Hebei province, the 30 square kilometre development will feature a theme park and an exhibition centre, designed to be the world’s largest with over 1.3 million square metres. Green space will flow throughout the development and there will be restrictions on gasoline powered vehicles, according to the developers. 

Speaking at the China Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, Mr Howard said, “I am very pleased that Langfang is taking a leadership position in developing smart city technology.  This is an outstanding opportunity to build a new city from the ground-up with wired and eco-green technology that will pave the way for cities of the future around the world.” 

A representative from global investment company Southworth International, which is developing the project in a joint venture with the privately held Chinese Bestsun (Baichuan) Energy Group, told Eco-Business they would be using “cutting-edge technology in energy, transportation, low carbon, water and wired infrastructure in the recreational business district and residences.” 

The joint venture, dubbed the SunWorth Development Group, has not yet determined which technologies will be included in the project but transportation technologies will be a major consideration, said Southworth International’s Ted Phillips. He added that the group was exploring options including personal pod vehicles and a monorail system. In addition, he said that all loading and unloading for the exhibition centre will take place underground.

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