100% Pure?

By Annabel Mcaleer

Posted on Nov. 12, 2009. Listed in:

Media commentator Russell Brown's Media 7 programme tackled the 100% Pure New Zealand brand recently.

The global marketing campaign designed by M&C Saatchi is ten years old this year, and has been spectacularly successful at bringing tourists to New Zealand. But is the brand built on a myth? And if it is, does it matter?

Watch the video for a fascinating discussion of the 100% Pure brand—both the good and the bad—and meet Good publisher Vincent Heeringa and contributor Dave Hansford.


Like Dave says in the clip above, anyone can easily find out about our country's environmental problems. But the idea that there's a little country nestled at the bottom of the world that has somehow remained unpolluted, unadulterated and unspoiled by modern life is immensely appealing. The idea that a little slice of paradise remains in the world is a comforting thought, and if I wasn't from here, I'm not sure I'd want anyone shattering my illusions.

Perhaps the real genius of our country's international slogan is that even—or perhaps especially—the most environmentally concerned potential tourists really, really want to believe it's true.

This article was originally posted on the Good magazine website.

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