Walk to work, 61°

I walk to work everyday, half an hour each way.

This is a great way to reduce cost, save emmissions and keep healthy. Some people would consider this a chore, but I consider it ME time. I get some much needed time to my own thoughts on the way or catch up with the latest editions to my mp3 player.

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I have a dog and he is able to come to work with me. He provides incentive for exercise, and is cheaper than a gym subscription and/or a car!

in September 2010

I worked it out that I walk roughly 2.5 kilometres to work each day and back home again. It is great as you often see things that you wouldn't usually if you were driving or were a passenger in a car for instance. I also enjoy looking at others gardens and sometimes stopping to say hello to people too. Its great for exercise and its a nice way to end the day off too, you can think about things along the way!

in April 2011