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What Level of Sustainability Maturity is Your Organisation?

The majority of organisations struggle to effectively engage staff and create momentum in their corporate sustainability and EHS initiatives. To engage staff and generate effective progress towards sustainability the focus needs to be on effective collaboration and culture development rather than bureaucracy.  Based on my experience, organisations can be classified ... Continue reading »

Earth’s Climate … and the Matter of the Human Spirit

There is something surreal to the climate epic that is beginning to define the fate of the planet – and the human species with it. This was portrayed last week in the muted diplomatic exchanges that echoed along the corridors in Yokohama, marking the adoption of the IPCC’s Working Group ... Continue reading »

Biofuels May Soon Be Mainstream in NZ

The Bioenergy Association Executive Officer Brian Cox welcomed today’s announcement by Z that it would be producing biodiesel on a retail scale as further confirmation that biofuels will soon be a mainstream fuel in New Zealand.  Mr Cox said,   “This commitment by Z to provide biodiesel at a retail ... Continue reading »

Weather at home

New Zealanders are being asked to take part in the world’s largest climate modelling experiment. And all you need to take part in this citizen science is a computer. It’s part of the international Weather At Home project , led by Oxford University.           Continue reading »

Greens accessible solar plan backed by experts

The Green Party's promise to save households $100 a year on power bills by lending them money to buy solar panels has been tentatively backed by energy experts, despite the Government's claims that the policy is a costly subsidy.  The party announced the second part of its energy ... Continue reading »

The Southern Flotilla.

On Sunday, the Oil Free Otago Flotilla came face to face with Anadarko’s drillship, the Noble Bob Douglas. The yachts of the flotilla occupied the site where the Noble Bob Douglas intends to drill its exploratory well. Via radio, the Otago community leaders on board SV Tiama, voiced their ... Continue reading »

Banners on Beaches

Come and show your opposition to deep sea oil drilling off Banks Peninsula and other coasts around New Zealand. Despite staunch local opposition to deep sea oil drilling and the availability of alternative energy investments our government has invited Anadarko (and more recently Shell) to undertake risky drilling operations in ... Continue reading »

Auckland Council's Poor Cycling Infrastructure Under the Spotlight

Generation Zero has revealed that Auckland's commitment to cycling infrastructure has fallen well behind New Zealand's other urban centres, despite its aim of becoming the most liveable city in the world.      Currently the proposed budget for cycling projects in the 2014 / 2015 Auckland Council Annual Plan is $8 ... Continue reading »

Carl Sagan: The Earth.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msxr65Yazqg#t=165   "But up there in the cosmos, an inescapable perspective awaits". Continue reading »

The Future of the Great Barrier Reef

In December 2013 the Liberal National Government of Australia, headed by Tony Abbot, approved to dredge 3 million cubic metres of the Great Barrier Reef in order to expand the port facilities in Point Abbot.  The Port, just 50 Kms north of the Tourist haven that constitutes the Whitsunday Islands ... Continue reading »

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Steve . commented on GHG footprint rises in 2013: “, to which was heard "mission accomplished" from the National Party and Federated Farmers in unison”

Alison Sykora commented on Man kills shark- no news there.: “Actually Daniel, many species of shark ARE monitored by the Quota Management System including (but not limited to) Blue Sharks, Mako, Porbeagles, Spin …”

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4140julie commented on Drilling for Oil in Extreme Conditions is Dangerous Beyond Belief -Lunatic Policy for NZ: “https://www.greens.org.nz/stopdeepseadrilling/thekiwibid#1”

sgreenaway commented on Drilling for Oil in Extreme Conditions is Dangerous Beyond Belief -Lunatic Policy for NZ: “Extreme oil = extreme risk . That's how it is, and why its been left this long. The easy oil is gone. To get oil now companies take extreme risk. And  …”

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